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Documentation SMS-2-Web

When your customer sends an SMS to a short code settled by us, we call a URL on your server. This URL has been indicated in the Wizard by you.

The URL registered by you will be reached by us with the following parameters by means of HTTP GET:

Variable Description Format
MO_MessageId Operator message ID Numerical
ShortCode SMS Shortcode Numerical
MO_ShortKey Sub keyword or keyword Alphanumeric
Message Message Alphanumeric
SendTo Sender's phone number Numerical
operator Operator code Alphanumeric


In some scripting languages (e.g. PHP) variable names are case-sensitive. Please pay attention to the spelling mentioned above!

Example: in PHP $_GET["MO_MessageID"] is different from $_GET["mo_messageid"].

Explanation per variable:

  • MO_MessageId
    The unique ID of a message. This ID must be sent along with the answer to the message. If you store the MO messages in a database table, it is advisable to check first, whether or not the MO_Message ID already exists. See also the remarks at the bottom of this document.

  • ShortCode
    The SMS shortcode of the incoming message, e.g. 3010.

  • MO_ShortKey
    The keyword for your service.

  • Message
    The complete message of the customer. This may contain a maximum of 160 characters and the following characters [a-z,A-Z,0-9,%#()*+-/:;<=>?_=]. The next characters need to be sent URL encoded: + % # ( ) * + , - / : ; < = > ? _ =.

  • SendTo
    The phone number of the sender in the format 31612345678, or the international phone number without preceding zeros or plus sign.

  • Operator
    The operator code of the sender. Example: 02f480.
    Click here for an operator list.

N.B. You can secure the scripts by checking whether the requests are coming from an IP address:

Example SendTo=31612345678&Message=WEB+SMS+TEST&ShortCode=3010

Result codes
Your script has to return the text 45000 if everything is right.

When this does not happen, the URL will still be called a number of times until the right result code returns. Therefore, only send another status code when it makes sense to try the script again later, for example when your database is temporarily unavailable!

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